Painted Doors


There are painted doors that are true works of art, but not just because of the color. Different shapes, large windows, knobs and wrought iron decorations … doors that we all want to have in our homes. Now, can you have them? Typically, the entrance door to your house is rather normal, a square door more or less adorned with moldings and glass. To this same door that looks like a thousand more doors in your same city you can give it a special touch with paint of the color that you like, we give you some suggestions!

Doors Painted in Yellow

The first option to paint your front door is one of our favorite color choices, yellow. Yellow is a color that attracts a lot of attention, but that will give your doors joy and warmth like no other. The combination with the black hardware makes them stand out more and looks great.

Doors with Blue Paint

Is yellow too bright for you? The blue painted doors may fit more with your tastes, somewhat more discreet but equally beautiful. Blue is a color associated with creative people that can be modest or sumptuous depending on the shade you choose. Light blues are ideal for conveying simplicity, while marine or more intense shades will do well in more elegant traditional looking homes.

Doors with Purple Paint

Another suitable color to paint the door of your house without drawing too much attention is purple in its darker shades. Purple is a color associated with intelligence and elegance, so if they are values ​​that you would like to convey, it is a good tone to paint the entrance of your home. To bring more joy to your front door, try lilac or lavender shades that don’t take the seriousness of darker purples.

Paint your Doors in Gray

If you want to give your front door a coat of color but want it to remain discreet, use gray paint. The variety of shades of gray is very wide and you are sure to find one suitable to your tastes.  It is a very versatile color, perfect for the most demanding.

Doors in Orange

Orange is a very optimistic color that charges us with energy as soon as we see it. If you want your door to welcome you with energy, choose vibrant and orange tones . As you will see in the second photo, even coral tones work very well to paint your door. Pure vitality!

Entrance Doors in Red Tones

Red is the most popular color for painting doors, and it is for several reasons. It is a color that symbolizes good luck and according to Feng Shui, it has positive energy, so if you paint your door red you will attract that strength to your home. Red doors represent refuge, whether due to cultural or religious traditions, so a red door is perfect for welcoming your home.

Pink Doors

Pink is the color of love and friendship, but without the passion that red has. If you are a positive, friendly person who enjoys taking care of others, pink is perfect to paint the front door to your house. If you want your painted door to attract attention, go for a bubblegum pink tone that surely will not leave anyone indifferent. Do you prefer a duller tone? With a paler rose you will get a less striking effect.

Black Painted Doors

Despite the caption, if you look at the color of the first door it’s not completely black. There is a whole range of dark-almost-black shades that will add another dimension to the color of your door so that it is not boring at all . What do you like the darkest black? Choose a matte paint to reflect less light, absolute black!

Turquoise Exterior Doors

Turquoise is a shade that blends very well with white walls and even adds a beachy touch to the entrance of your home. With dark walls you can also create a striking effect with your door painted in turquoise.

Green Painted Doors

It does not matter if you choose a lighter or darker tone, green is a color that we always associate with nature and a green painted door suggests peace and will give a fresh air to the entrance of your house. Dark green will be perfect in a house with traditional architecture and it is not very risky, would you dare to use it?