The Awesome Interior Design of 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin

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Located in the western part of Berlin City, in the Bikini-Haus building, you will find 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin. The uniqueness of the hotel design is the concept to combine the zoo and the urban forest. Adopting the surrounding situation, this natural hotel like a jungle is located next to the Berlin Zoo. Supported by its strategic location, making the view of the hotel very interesting. In some hotel bedrooms you can see  monkey and elephant in the zoo. Meanwhile, you can see the historic Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in other rooms.

Its location also makes the interior design part of the 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is unique. The famous Berlin designer, Werner Aisslinger, created a hotel with a blend of contrasting design concepts, namely between nature and urban culture. The combination of eclectic design concepts and nuances of the forest presents a cool interior that lets you enjoy the atmosphere of a modern urban forest.

Adjusting the needs of the urban community, the hotel provides many places and means to work while playing. The pleasant concept is guaranteed to make you feel at home and not want to go home leaving this hotel. 25Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin provides various options for you to unwind and feel far from the noise of the city, such as the lounge , work lab and newscorner.

In fact, there is a room with a hammock that allows you to relax reading a book while swinging relax. The existence of a hammock is quite unique. Because, bringing outdoor elements into an indoor hotel building . Evoke the atmosphere like being on vacation or camping in the forest, even though the hotel itself is located in the middle of the city.

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